Enthusiasts and still dreaming professionals
Together With DÓBRA invent and innovate
Meaningful world-being solutions
There are many issues in the world. And there are many people around the world who have bright ideas or tough skills to hack ones. Most of them haven't even tried for real.

But IMAGINE if...
Invest in their growth with strategic partners
Embody a dozen of them at once
Openly invent extraordinary world-being solutions
DÓBRA picks one global issue
The power of diversity and personal experience as well as inclusion and collective thinking
Everyone is welcome
Non-profits, governments, media and corporations help to create impactful solutions
there are partners everywhere
Tools, expertise, funding, guidance, and an inspiring environment
Everything available under one roof
The whole world come together
Thousands of people share thoughts online and then co-invent conceptual solutions to challenging issues. These are not only entrepreneurially inclined people, but don't underestimate them.
Non-obvious solutions combining AI and human touch
We use cutting-edge tools, engage cross-domain experts, and allow creative teams to have a blast. The fact they all solve similar issues creates the intrinsic magic of startup survival.
Holistic and thoughtful approach
DÓBRA team work as a part of the brand new creative teams, shutting down all legal, funding, service and startup development tasks. Each stage has its own set of tools, conditions, and metrics.
Everyone can get rewarded
Grand Prix partisipants can receive cash rewards whether or not they want to be involved in future startups.
Up to 40% equity stake of future startups are reserved for the there core-teams.
Structured and protected
We think through all aspects beforehand. Legal and financial matters, including IP, transparent traction reports and other aspects necessary for a partnership or investment decision are always in order.
deep partnership everywhere
Pro-bono, in-kind, IP-sharing and co-funding partnerships with corporate and nonprofit permeate every stage, from providing testbeds for prototyping to reaching the first customers through sales channels.
Per aspera ad astra
  • Team Days and Onboarding
  • Mentor Talks
  • Angels' Meeting
Forming brand new teams for 10 concepts to prototype with full funding, hands-on guidence and involved domain experts:
  • ThinkTank event
  • Open Research Day
  • Co-Creation Public Day
  • Fine-tuning by experts
Co-creating the issue solutions with 1000's people from all over the world at:
X years
6 months
3 months
1 month
Refining the products and bringing them to market with the daily hands-on support and guidence of the DÓBRA Team, VCs and strategic partners.
Handing over the reins by spinning off and becoming a minority shareholder, spread the impact in partnerships with corps and noncoms until everything is DÓBRA (meaning "as good as it should be").
We hold hundreds of global issues on our radar. Some became targets.
Habitat sustainability, climate change, health, safety, active longevity, social goods, future tech-lifestyle
Since 2013 DOBRA was directly involved in the implementation and was itself the lead partner in 440 societal startups and projects. Positive experience and joint projects with global corporations, worldwide non-com institutions, European Commission programmes and High-net-worth individuals are encourage us to go further.