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DÓBRA partners with

28th of February, 2023

While many companies already rely on a strong community as their core for idea creation, establishing and incentivizing these authentic relationships was always time-consuming and inefficient.

To solve this issue and allow recognition and rewarding to the wider community like individual contributors and supporters, DÓBRA – an impact venture studio inventing and innovating world-being solutions – have partnered with – a reward token platform for sharing 10% of startup’s future value with people who contributed to its’ success.

“We believe that passionate enthusiasts and community members that share their insights play a very important role in the creation and development of innovative ideas. We have experienced this firsthand many times and therefore believe these people should be appreciated and rewarded properly – and that is exactly what we decided to do in our new project. This is why we are very glad to have found KOOS – partners who share our beliefs and values” said Aljaxandr Skrabowsky, CEO of DÓBRA.

“Community involvement in business growth is a new innovative trend that will soon be practiced everywhere. Of course, there are many companies that give points or gift cards to their customers, but there are still very few that actually give back a part of their business success to the people that helped them achieve their business success. This is starting to change, and DÓBRA is setting an excellent example here by sharing a significant amount of their future success with their community,” said Taavi Kotka, CEO of

The partnership between KOOS and DÓBRA will leverage the strengths and resources of both companies to ensure to offer the most value to the DÓBRA community. By combining the expertise of the DÓBRA Impact Venture Studio team and the easy-to-use system that KOOS offers, the community will get access to a program that will allow recognition and rewards for each individual’s contributions to the common goal.

About DÓBRA:

DÓBRA is an impact venture studio helping invent meaningful world-being tech solutions together with thousands of enthusiastic professionals across the globe.

About KOOS:

KOOS helps companies grow by letting people who contribute to a business earn a stake in it – with the potential for greater future returns and without changing the cap table. Any non-employee contributor can be rewarded with KOOS.

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