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Terms of Service

Thank you for wanting, along with us, and a thousand other enthusiasts like you, to update the World. We believe that your contribution to the magical process of idea generation that we have fostered will be valuable. But the reality is that not every great idea turns out to be an original concept solution, viable product or scalable business. We’ll do everything in our power (yes, we know how) to make it happen, supporting and funding those ideas that have grown into newbie startups under our careful guidance. 

By accepting to participate in DÓBRA Grand Prix, you agree: 

(i)  that we may pass on all information provided by you to DÓBRA Studio. 

(ii) that we may use your contact information (name, email, phone), provided upon registration on, and for marketing communication with you, including but not limited to sending occasional emails and DÓBRA Grand Prix events information.

(iii)  that the exclusive ownership of the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights* that you or any other participant based on your ideas may develop during DÓBRA Grand Prix belongs to DÓBRA Studio (UAB “DOBRA Studio” and its affiliated companies), being prohibited to register or request registration of any commercial name, domain name, trademark, symbol or distinctive sign, software, patent or utility model, and other intangible assets anywhere in the world, in your name. 

* For this purpose “Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights” means all the intellectual and industrial property rights that are patrimonial or exploitable for any purpose and for any type of use in, but not limited to, trademarks, trade names, software, manuals, patents, utility models, domain names, know-how, and other intangible assets, as well as all the industrial property rights, including in both cases the power to apply for appropriate registrations and enrolment for the obtaining or protection of these rights.

(iv) to follow the terms of use outlined at our IdeaChain platform.